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I Practice as a Consultant Homoeopath, Counselor & Healer and run a SPECIALITY HOMOEOPATHY CLINIC in Surat, Gujarat, named as " व् य स " HOMOEOPATHY CLINIC.

I hold BHMS (Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery) degree from Ahmedabad Homoeopathic Medical College, North Gujarat University, Patan, Gujarat.

I have also completed my Post Graduate Fellowship Degree F.C.A.H. (Fellowship Certificate in Advanced Homoeopathy) from “ the other song’ Academy, Mumbai, Maharashtra University of Health & Science. [ M.U.H.S.]

I have been part of various Seminars & Workshops and have 10+ years of Clinical Experience with Internationally Renowned Homoeopath Dr. RAJAN SANKARAN - MUMBAI & his entire team. Dr. RAJAN SANKARAN also initiated TOS - “ the other song’ Academy and I was also part of the Live Clinical sessions by Masters there.

I have completed speciality training of 2 years & presented a Dessertation with Cases in subject " ROLE OF COUNSELING WITH CASE TAKING IN HOMOEOPATHY ”. This training has enabled me to deal every case efficiently and helps me get the RESULTS in STUCK UP cases.

I have total 18 years of Clinical Experience in Private Practice where I have Successfully treated/healed various Chronic as well as Acute Diseases. This Includes those patients who have lost hopes from the Advanced Medical Science. Acute includes Common Viral Fevers, Typhoid Fevers, Dengue Fevers, Acute Respiratory Tract Infections with High Grade fevers, Gastritis, Gastro enteritis etc.




Locations Timings Days
Surat Morning: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM Monday to Saturday
New Cases: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Follow-ups: 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Vapi Morning: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM Every Month (On Sunday)


We use a unique counselling method and not the traditional one used by professional counsellors, psychotherapists, or psychiatrists.

It differs in its exceptional approach of individualising the patient first. A specific tool of the questionnaire is used to individualise patients, and this questionnaire varies with different patients. There is no stereotype format.

Our method has the primary motive to find out what the patient actually is, how he/she perceives the given situations in a lifetime & how the patient reacts to it.

In finding this out, we collect numerous data at different levels, which help us reveal the central disturbance in the patient.

Making the patients aware about this central disturbance by Specialised Technique, we help the patients balance their respective level of disturbance and get cured at the disturbed level , which inturn will eliminate the Physical ailments gradually.

Our Treatment


Law & Principles

It was discovered by an MD in the allopathic field of Medicine Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, of Germany. The Basic Principles on which the Homoeopathic Therapeutic System is based in Nature's Law of Cure. The chief of it is "LIKES CURES LIKES." It means that any Substance, when consumed in Crude form, imparts some effect, Positive or Negative, in the Body. Now, when the Same Substance is Potentized (it's a unique process, read further under the heading of Potentization) & then Consumed, it will have the potential to Remove the Same Effects from the Body produced, whether Positive or Negative.


There are no Fixed Criteria in Homoeopathy while dealing with any Patient. Again, like Individuality in Person, it applies to Patients too. Different Patients with Different Ailments are to be handled as per the Reflection of Disease symptoms & Patient’s own Inner Flow Patterns. Acute problems promptly connect to the Disease symptom & the Central Core, while in Chronic issues, we face some Adaptations both at Mental & Physical levels. Some are only Functional problems that may get Relieved with correct Homoeopathic medicine & dietary regimen or other measures like Exercises.


Homoeopathy has its own and more precise way of Treating Diseases. It is because Homoeopathy treats the Individual who is Diseased and not the Disease in the Individual. Here Every patient is Different according to his/her Natural Genetic Constitution. They may reflect some common traits about the Continent, Country, Region, Society & Family. But the Basic Constitution of an Individual is bound to be different and Unique. This Constitutional makeup under other Circumstances & different Situations gets inflicted by Various sorts of Diseases due to Different causes at a given time. It’s the Art of Homoeopathic Physician to Elicit Constitutions of Different Patients Through a Systematic but Artistic Approach of CASE TAKING. Through this Artistic Process, A Homoeopath has now the Constitutional Picture of the Patient, which now has to be Matched with that of Medicine from the huge Sac. Having selected the Medicine, it is to be Administered in Appropriate Potency to Initiate the Curative Process in diseased individuals.


Potentization is a Scientific method where the Crude substance is converted into its Pulverized Powder form by Repeated Grinding, & then with the use of Medium, its Inherent characters or Characteristic Energy is Liberated & Stored in that Medium. The Resultant remedy is now Ready to Procure Dynamic Changes in Human Beings. These medicines are given to Healthy Humans in specific Groups & the Effects that everyone gets are recorded; this is called Proving of the Remedy. This way, each Homoeopathic remedy is well proved. Moreover, by this method of Potentization, there comes minimal or no actual crude form of the Source substance, so there is no chance of any Harsh effects. That’s why Homoeopathic Medicines are said to be safe and without side-effects. At the same time, it’s also important to note that though correct medicine has been given, the Potency of it should be appropriate, which can be determined by a Thorough Homoeopath by sound knowledge and Clinical Experience.


No its not true. Infact at times it can relieve pain in abdomen in 5-10 minutes. It can relive Breathing trouble in ½ an hour in Asthma Patients.
With more & more Advancements & tools nowadays, the Case study process has been cut down to much Extent in Majority cases. But offcourse those which are complicated or rigid & chronic cases needs to be checked very thoroughly because such cases are having deep seated roots in Individual.
This is Absolutely not Correct. On the contrary if it was so that Steroids are having such Curative power, then The Advanced Medical Science would have already been Successful in Eradicating certain Diseases which are claimed to be Cured by Homoeopathy.
Its not so. It has only to do wih specific Disease or Specific Patient.
- Yes No side-deffects. But When correctly selected Homoeopathic medicine is given it induces the Dramatic Changes in Individual patient in the Direction of Cure. Its just this Stimulation that can either alleviate the Present Symptoms or reduce the intensity, which depends upon the Disease type, the weather at a given moment & the way the Disease was dealt Before. Means more the suppression in past more likely the alleviation of symptom for short period of time, followed by General Relief.


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Case 1
WARI [ Wheezing Associated Respiratory Infection]
Female – 2 Year

My daughter used to get Recurrent cold-cough, expectoration, fever, and Looseness almost twice a month. I was tired of taking her and running to Paediatrician and get Anti-biotics and symptomatic treatments every now and then. After the Start of the Homoeopathic Medicine course at " V A Y A S " Homoeopathy with Dr. Harshal Desai, I was so relaxed as frequent falling ill of my Daughter was reduced to great extent, & at every occasion of acute suffering, It was taken care well with Homoeopathic medications only. Over a period of 1 year, My child was absolutely healthy, & She now can enjoy any food,weather which she was restricted before.

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Case 2
WARI [Wheezing Associated Respiratory Infection] Severe allergic
Female – 3 Year

I consulted many Paediatricians for severe allergic Recurrent cold-cough and frequent infections of my three-year-old daughter. I was advised not to take her out of the house or take her out only with a facial mask. I could not send her to play with other kids, nor could I give her many food articles as Paediatricians restricted them. I then consulted Dr. Harshal Desai & started Homoeopathic medicines. Initially, she did have cold-cough episodes with fever but all was taken care of with Homoeopathic medications only without antibiotics or other symptomatic medications were needed. After a year or so, my child is enjoying the play in dusty playgrounds with other kids, now she can enjoy all types of food articles and citrous fruits too, which she loves like anything. Thanks to Homoeopathy.

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Case 3
Chronic Rhinitis with Nasal Polyp
Female – 12 Year

My daughter suffered severe allergic Rhinitis, an intense running nose every time, with nasal obstruction. She had to breathe through the mouth and could not sleep lying; she had to sit, recline and sleep. It was so painful to see her every night like that. After consulting Dr. Harshal Desai, his medicine worked miraculously. Within one month, she was so comfortable with the nose obstruction issue that she started sleeping well. The Rhinitis also reduced gradually. The irritable and gloomy mood because of her suffering nose has even gone. Now she takes an interest actively in her studies and outdoor sports, which was not there previously.

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Case 4
Chronic Psoriasis
Male – 49 Year

I was suffering from Extensive whole body Psoriasis since almost 20 years. I had been to many sorts of Medication for longer period of time without relief. After starting Homoeopathic treatment at " V A Y A S " Homoeopathy Clinic, my body started showing Consistent Improvement through the course of Two years. Now I am having absolutely healthy skin and Life too. [ Watch Gallery for the Skin rash Before and after Treatment ]

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Case 5
Severe Urticaria
Male – 26 Year

I was suffering from a severe form of Urticaria. Severe itching eruptions in elevated red patches anywhere in the body usually start anytime, disturbing my job. I had been to a Dermatologist for eight months and spent too much, with no cure. I then decided to switch over to Homoeopathic treatment. After the start of therapy at " V A Y A S " Homoeopathy, in no less than two months, I could observe a noticeable reduction in Intensity & frequency of my Itching rash episodes. In the next six months, I was completely free from the complaint. A year later, follow-up revealed that there was no recurrence of the symptoms.

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Case 6
Recurrent Allergic Conjunctival Suffusion
Female – 54 Year

I was suffering from on & off Redness of only right Eye with Itching; the complaint was recurring almost every two weeks. It was not responding to casual treatments by Local Doctors & Ophthalmologists over 6-7 years. After the start of Homoeopathic Treatment, only 2-3 episodes of redness treatment lasted for around 6-7 months for Permanent Cure within two months. A follow-up after two years revealed that after stopping the medicine, the Patient also had no recurrence of the complaint.

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Case 7
Vocal Cord Tumor with Bronchial Asthma
Female – 53 Year

An ENT surgeon diagnosed me as having a Tumor over the Vocal Cord, for which no treatment was suggested as it was the beginning stage only. I was also having recurrent Cold & Cough and Bronchial Asthma, for which I was taking inhalers. I then started Homoeopathic Treatment with Dr. Harshal Desai & in the initial two months, Homoeopathy helped me off the Inhalers. After six months of treatment, a follow-up with an ENT surgeon revealed the absence of a Tumor. Treatment continued further for Bronchial Asthma, which was also uprooted in a total of 1 and a half years. I was so relieved when ENT Surgeon told me that the Tumor has regressed to almost zero.

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Case 8
Allergic Asthma
Female – 3.5 Year

My little girl was suffering from recurrent Allergic Cold Cough with difficulty in breathing. She was routinely given Anti-biotics, Anti-allergic & Inhalers as a Routine Treatment almost twice a month. Homoeopathic treatment from Dr. Harshal Desai helped her get rid of Inhalers in the initial 1.5 months. Cold and Cough also reduced due to Homoeopathic doses with no help of any anti-biotics. In total, a one-year Homoeopathic medicinal course; she was completely immunized against allergy.

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Case 9
Female – 25 Year

It was a time before my marriage when I used to suffer severe Dysmenorrhea. Pain used to be so much that I used to isolate myself in the room & had to sit in a dark room, totally undisturbed, pressing my abdomen. The mood was getting irritable every time with severe pain. I desired no company &, at the same time feeling lonely, without any moral support. Based on my characteristics symptoms, Dr. Harshal Desai started my Homoeopathic Treatment & to my Great surprise, the pain disappeared completely in the next month's cycle. There was an absence of mood swings as well. I continued the treatment for around 6-8 months, but even after five years now, I never had such sufferings since then.

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Case 10
Chronic Eczema
Male – 64 Year

I am a retired person. I had severe Eczema eruption over my Hands, palms & soles for almost 10-15 years. It has increased in the last 1.5 years that it was very difficult for me to even eat with my hands. It had severe painful cracks and peeling of skin in scales. Skin tags used to pain whenever entangled in garments. It's been one year that I started Homoeopathic Medicines from Dr. Harshal Desai; I can say now my problem has gone. The long-suffering came to an end with this wonderful Therapy.

[Watch Gallery for the Skin rash Before and after Treatment]

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Case 11
Subacute Fungal Infection - Ringworm
Male – 13 Year

I shifted my 13 years' son to a boarding school. Staying in a hostel, he got infected with Fungal infection [Ringworm], initially only over some part of the body. Gradually it started spreading like anything & it covered the lower abdomen, inner thighs, upper chest, neck & even face. There was severe burning & itching. I had tried many conventional treatments with the local application [ointments] and other oral medicines, but in the end, it was increasing only. Then I approached Dr. Harshal Desai for the same. He studied the case & gave Homoeopathic medication, and advised certain precautions. In 6 months, gradually, all his eruption went off.

[Watch Gallery for the Skin rash Before and after Treatment]

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Case 12
Menorrhagia with Metrorrhagia at Menopause with Fibroid Uterus
Female – 43 Year

For 3-4 months, I had my menses irregular. It was so that I used to get them and last long for around 8-10 days & then reappears in 3- 4days and with severe pain every time. The flow was so heavy and Exhausting. On consulting the Gynaecologist, I was prescribed some medicine and to go for Surgery of Hysterectomy [Removal of Uterus], which scared me.- One of our friends suggested me to consult Dr Harshal Desai for my issues. With full faith, I started my Homoeopathic treatment with him. From the 2nd month onwards, I started improving. By the 5th month, my menses regularized as a monthly cycle. I got three cycles regular with the comparatively lesser flow and no Pain at all. A fibroid is improving too on follow-up Ultrasound reports. I have been advised to hold for Surgery.

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Case 13
Chronic Rhinitis with Acute Tonsillitis
Female – 12 Year

Chronic Rhinitis with Acute Tonsillitis – A girl of 13 years My daughter used to suffer severe allergic rhinitis, with Inflammation of Tonsils. Episodes of Tonsillitis was getting more frequent and our Doctor had advised us to go for Surgery to remove Tonsils. But We look for some other option for Surgery, and as a result we approached Dr. Harshal Desai. With his treatment the Acute episode of Tonsillitis was covered within 5-7 days. Continuation of course of his medication helped to eradicate her Rhinitis issue also.
After 4 years now, she had only once the episode of Tonsillitis that too very mild.

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Case 14
Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
Male – 14 Year

My Son was crippled due to Arthritis since very early age. He was on allopathic treatment, but still He every now and then had sudden onset of severe pain and swelling in knee joints or elbow joints which hampered his routine activities. One moment he is normal and next moment he is confined to bed with pain and inability to walk. His joints also had started deforming. After consulting Dr. Harshal Desai, gradually he started improving. The Sudden episodes of pain and swelling started reducing with lesser intensity everytime. In 2 years course of treatment he was almost 90% ok with no occurance of acute pains with swelling in last 6 months. He now can enjoy his routine life like others, which makes him so happy.

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Case 15
Haemorrhoid [Piles] with Bleedingg
Male – 35 Year

I had a problem with piles with pain and bleeding. On conventional treatment, I was given some medication and was advised Surgery. But I choose Homoeopathy and Started treatment with Dr. Harshal Desai. My bleeding stopped in one week, and later pain and swelling went in almost 5-6 months of medication. Still, I continued medicines which helped me enjoy any food without any problem. Now I am completely free of the Piles problem without any restriction on food.

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Case 16
Chronic PID [Pelvic Inflammatory Disease] with Acute Appendicitis
Female – 34 Year

It had become my routine to see Gynaecologist once/twice a month for lower abdominal pain with local infection. It became my habit to keep taking antibiotics and other pills for relief. After consulting Dr.Harshal Desai, he advised me to stop antibiotics and with his medicines only, I improved like anything. I no longer required those anti-biotics nor any other symptomatic pills. During the course, I developed Acute Appendicitis, which was evident with Ultrasound reporting & we had been to the Surgeon also, who advised surgery for the same. But with homoeopathic medication only, I was relieved in Appendicitis, and I could avoid surgery and hassles thereof.

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Case 17
Haemorrhagic Ovarian Cyst
Female – 23

I had problem of Irregular menstruation with Dysmenorrhoea. USG revealed that I had Haemorrhagic Ovarian cyst. I approached Homoeopathic Treatment at " V A Y A S " Homoeopathy Clinic with Dr. Harshal Desai. My Menstruation is being regularised & the Pain also is Reducing but the main issue, On repeat scan, the Haemorrhagic Cyst from the Ovary has disappeared. I am too much Satisfied with Homoeopathic Line of Treatment.


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